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Rental Cooling Towers

Marimba players in AfricaOur rental towers are energy environment friendly, highly resistant to clogging, quiet, and will be put in quickly. Additionally they feature low drift charges.

Our rental cooling towers range in measurement from 100-10,000 gallons per minute (GPM), and attain up to 1,500,000 GPM for mixed modular towers. To additional provide a turnkey tower resolution, piping and electrical is equipped to accommodate any format or demand that your undertaking requires.

The SPX Cooling Technologies Benefit

Rental cooling towers may be a significant part of your marketing strategy or standard operations.

Contingency Planning
We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive contingency plan that can drastically reduce the time and price related to an unexpected lack of cooling.

Supplemental Cooling
We may also dimension and set up temporary cooling towers that will complement current cooling towers and air-cooled exchangers, and deliver additional capacity when wanted.

Reconstruction and Alternative with a Rental System
We can restore and rebuild your current towers shortly and effectively, decreasing your downtime or outage.

Catastrophe Response
Within the occasion of a sudden or untimely failure of an current cooling tower, we can respond rapidly with temporary cooling till a everlasting answer will be established.

Thermal Discharge Restrictions
In case your thermal discharge is simply too high and have to be lowered, we offer solutions.

Pilot Testing
Real world thermal discharge is generally totally different from deliberate discharge. We can provide cooling to test your applications on-site to ensure that a proposed permanent tower design meets your necessities.

Elevated Production
Periods of elevated manufacturing can overwhelm cooling programs that were by no means designed for the increase. Non permanent cooling could make up the difference.

Surgical Cooling
Typically, further cooling in one specific space will make an entire existing system carry out better. Short-term cooling can enhance your system’s efficiency and deal with particular bottlenecks with out the need to rework your complete cooling system.

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