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Spiral Cooling Tower Fill Forming Machine

AOCNO’s Spiral Cooling/Freezing Tower adopts superior layer by layer transmission technology.

Working Principle:

File:Cofrentes nuclear power plant - General view.JPGThe primary Spindle drives per gear in every layer, and gears drives per mesh belt in every layer, so that the ability of gear motor to be transmitted. Every gear has good energy transmission system to adjust the transmission power automatically.

Traits of Spiral Cooling/Freezing Tower:

1.Nylon card rail in both sides are stable, without machine jams or upturning fault.

2.On account of its intelligent transmission expertise, the mesh belt in every layer can regulate its tension robotically, keep the transmission force in each layer equal.

Three.Adopts excessive energy Nylon card rail and low friction PP guide rail, resulting in lubricant in rotating unnecessary, scraps brought on by friction not to drop or pollute food.

Four.Food enter and output directions to be personalized in accordance with customer’s workshop format, comparable to Enter in Decrease entrance, well come out from increased exit, Enter in Larger entrance, well Output from Lower exit, Twin Inputs+Twin Outputs, Three Inputs+Three Outputs, Round Circle or Ellipse Spiral Towers.

Cooling tower fill forming machine

cooling tower square pvc filling in Vietname - Cooling Tower Fill ...Cooling

Suitable for cooling all kinds of baking foods and fried foods.There are two methods: Pure Cooling and Controlled Freezing.


It can be utilized as spiral proofer, assembly with production line, which improves the production efficiency drastically, users can monitor all proof process through computer control system. Elective System: Steam System and Heating System.The Spiral Cooling/Freezing Tower is suitable for bulk and packaged foods. It runs as normal at a temperature of 40℃below.

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