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TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner


Dirty, crusty, scale-filled cooling tower fill is a perfect surroundings for bacterial progress, especially Legionella micro organism. This will result in sick buildings and sick people. Cleaning soiled fill has been an enormous headache and challenge – till now. The TFC-200 removes scale buildup, helping remove hiding locations for Legionella, other micro organism, mold and mildew. TFC-200 offers an entire all-in-one system for cleansing lime scale and debris out of your cooling tower fill. It is easy to operate. First rinse with an built-in three GPM, 300 PSI stress washing system, then apply our newly formulated ScaleBreakĀ®-Gel cleaner with the built-in chemical applicator. ScaleBreak-Gel starts to dissolve scale buildup on contact. Then switch to the included distinctive turbo nozzle in high quantity mode and rinse and that’s it! Watch as calcium lime scale deposits actually dissolve away, instantly restoring cooling system performance and lowering well being risks. TFC-200 additionally applies our TowerShine foaming tower fill cleanser. Outfitted with two high efficiency pumps, the state-of-the-art TFC-200 is powerful, yet protected, whereas it quickly removes scale and will increase effectivity. Add the CTV-1501 Cooling Tower Vacuum to finish your cooling tower maintenance package. PATENT PENDING.

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