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Timber Cooling Tower Wooden Cooling Tower Manufacturer India

500 Ton Cooling Tower From Alban RentsCoimbatore cooling towers is the leading manufacturer of timber sort cooling towers.It is mechanical power, sturdiness and excessive efficiency. Manpower with huge specialized experience in cooling tower manufacturing is back bone of the organization.

We’ve got with us persons who have been totally responsible from concept to final product manufacturing. We now have main time examined growth that has been included in requirements. Our CCT timber cooling towers are atmospheric cooling tower and mechanical cooling towers.

Atmospheric towers are just for smaller capacities and mechanical draft towers are for greater vary.

The timber cooling towers are made out of pine or chirr wood after properly seasoned and chemically handled with arsenic chromate to with stand its life against biting, fungus and termite and so on.

Timber Cooling Tower Product Vary

1. Picket Single Stream and Double Stream induced Draft Cross Circulation Cooling Towers.
2. Direct Drive System.
3. Discount Gear Box Drive Suystem.
Four. Counter Move Sq. / Rectangular Induced / Compelled Draft Towers.
5. Packaged Wooden Double / Single Movement Induced Draft Cross Movement Cooling Towers.
6. Fan-much less Induced Draft Wooded Cooling Tower [ Atmospheric Natural Draft Cooling Towers].
7. Re-Inforced Concrete Cooling Towers.
8. Spares For any Type and Make of Cooling Towers.

Timber Cooling Tower Design Idea

  • 1. Financial system in Operation
    2. Best Performance
    3. Architectural Compatability
    4. Upkeep Free
  • 1. Economy in Operation

Our Timber Cooling Towers are designed for the best effieiency at the bottom operating cost. Fans gear boxes, fill and drift eliminators are optimized to ship maximum cooling with minum utilized horsepower for lower operating cost.

2. Best Efficiency

Our Timber Cooling Towers are providing more wetted floor area for uniform water distribution and higher heat trasfer fee.

Three. Architectural Compatability

Our Timber Cooling Towers are designed to a low profile. So the looks and normal configuration blends harmoniously with surroundings. Efficiency and enticing appearnance are demanded.

4. Upkeep Free

Our Timber Cooling Towers are used maintenance free supplies throught the tower. The supplies are used in structural and functional elements, all steel is sizzling-dipped galvanized after the fabrication.

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