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Tips on how to Calculate The Make-up Water In A Cooling Tower

China Construction Bank Centre, Kowloon Bay--Cooling Water SystemCalculating the make-up water in a cooling tower can make the distinction between reusing your cooling tower and throwing your cooling tower away. A cooling tower helps to lower the temperature of your residence or enterprise by cooling the recent water inside the tower and distributing the chilled air by means of the vents. The make-up water is required to substitute the water that was used via the vents, in addition to any unfortunate leakage. In accordance with the Cooling Know-how Institute web site, cooling towers are price-efficient and power environment friendly because of their capacity to cool places with water solely.

750*800mm Liangchi Pvc Filler\/ Cooling Tower Fill Pack\/ Liangchi Fill ...Calculate the evaporation in the cooling tower. The evaporation fee equals the water movement charge instances the fahrenheit of the cooling tower times 0.001.

Calculate the blowdown from the cooling tower. The blowdown equals the evaporation fee from the 1st step, which is the variety of cooling cycles the cooling water has gone through minus one.

Calculate the makeup water. The make-up water equals the blowdown plus the evaporation.

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