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Types Of Cooling Tower

NEWS BULLETINTypes of Cooling Tower

The key varieties of cooling towers are as under. The types will be divided as per their
performance and its shape materials and its working methodologies.

1. Mechanical Kind : Compelled Draft / Induced Draft
2. Air Circulate Kind : Cross Flow / Counter Flow / Spray Double Move / Single Circulate
three. Shape Kind : Spherical / Sq. Bottle / Rectangular Seamless
4. heat Transfer Sort : Evaporative / Dry / Air
5. Water Sort : Closed Circuit / Open Circuit
6. Building Kind : FRP / Timber wooden / RCC
7. Fan much less & Fills less

There are two major category in the types of cooling tower. The first one is Natural draft cooling tower and one other one is Mechanical Draft cooling tower.
First we will see what’s a Natural Draft Cooling Towers.

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

The natural draft cooling tower can also known as as hyperbolic cooling tower. By way of the pure draft tower the hot air moves upwards, fresh cool air is drawn into the tower by air inlet.

For Natural Draft cooling tower no fan is required as a result of layout of the tower. There isn’t any circulation of hot air that would affect the performance.
Concrete material can used for the construct the tower shell for max height up to 200 meters.

RCC Pure Draft cooling towers are only for large heat duties and also concrete constructions are expensive.
Chances are you’ll go for FRP Pure Draft Timber Pure Draft with the minimal cost.

Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower

Mechanical draft towers have giant followers to force or draw air by circulated water. The water falls downwards over fill surfaces, which assist enhance the contact time between the
water and the air this helps maximize heat switch between the 2. Cooling charges of mechanical draft towers depend upon various parameters reminiscent of fan diameter and velocity of
operation, fills for system resistance and many others

Mechanical draft towers are available in a large vary of capacities. Towers could be both manufacturing unit built or subject erected for instance concrete towers are only area erected.
Many towers are constructed so that they can be grouped collectively to attain the specified capacity. Thus, many cooling towers are assemblies of two or extra individual cooling towers
or “cells.A number of cell towers will be lineal, square, or round relying upon the shape of the person cells and whether the air inlets are located on the sides or bottoms of the cells.

Within the Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower two varieties obtainable. One is Pressured Draft and another one is Induced Draft Kind mechanical cooling Tower.

Induced Draft Type : The airflow is induced by fan and strikes horizontally.

Concerning the Stream in cooling towers.

There are two kind of circulation. First is Cross Move and one other one is Counter Circulation.

Cross circulate cooling tower :
With the cross circulation the air is drawn across the falling water and the fill is positioned
exterior the tower. In cross movement Cooling tower the water enters from the highest and flows downward by means of the Cooling Tower Fill.
The airflow is induced by fan and moves horizontally.

Counter flow cooling tower :
In Counter circulation the air is drawn up by way of the falling water and the fill is
due to this fact positioned contained in the tower. The design may be design in response to the positioning situations.

Free stock photo of food, restaurant, dawn, manWater Type Cooling Tower:
If water will not be availalbe then it’s important to go for closed circuit cooling tower.
Right here the water circuit will be closed. If the circuit is opened then its referred to as as Open type cooling tower.
You can have the mix percentage of closed and open water ratio.

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