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What Are Cooling Towers?

Search Invalid Postal CodeA cooling tower is a heat rejection system that transfers waste heat from a course of to the ambiance though the cooling of the recirculated water. The kind of heat rejection is often termed “evaporative cooling” in that the method heat vitality is absorbed by the evaporation of a small portion of the circulated movement there by reducing the temperature of remaining water for reuse. Cooling towers can generally present decrease water temperatures than are attainable with “air cooled” or “dry” heat rejection devices.

Functions: HVAC, Refrigeration, Diesel Engine, Pure Gasoline, Electric Motor, PLastic Injection.

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Widespread Cooling Tower applications embody: Water Cooled Air Conditioning systems, Water Supply Heat Pumps, Injection Molding machines, Anodizing processes, Industrial/Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Die Casting and Water Cooled Air Compressors.

Direct or Open Circuit Cooling Tower heat water is distributed over a labyrinth-like packing or “fill”. The fill pack consists of a number of sheets of intently house vertical movie. The water descends by gravity through the fill pack and is in direct contact with the inlet air. The fill supplies an expanded floor space which optimizes the air-water interface permitting the utmost amount evaporation to happen. The cooled water is then collected in a cold water basin, and returned to the cooling loop to repeat the process. The heated and moisture laden air leaving the fill pack s discharged to the atmosphere which completes the heat transfer cycle. It is crucial that the tower discharge is isolated from the recent air inlets to prevent the saturated vapor from being drawn again into the fresh air inlet.

In an Indirect, or Closed Circuit Cooling Tower there isn’t any direct contact between the process cooling fluid (normally water or a glycol mixture)and the air. In contrast to the open cooling tower, the indirect cooling tower has two separate fluid circuits. The closed or system loop homes the primary cooling fluid. This loop picks up heat from the process load and rejects it via the tube bundle or heat exchanger to the open loop of the system. The open loop water them passes over the tub bundle or over a traditional cooling tower fill pack. Contact with the inlet air will complete the evaporation part of the heat exchange process.

Air Delivery System and the Airflow Pattern:

Cooling Tower Manufacturers Delta Cooling TowersThere are two basic air supply methods. In a Pure Draft tower, air movement via the fill pack is created as heat from the hot inlet water rises off of the fill making a draft effect which draws in cooler air via the tower inlets In an Induced Draft tower, a fan is used to advertise air movement. Induced draft tower can use either bottom or aspect mounted blower which forces air through the fill pack or a top mounted fan which draws air by means of the fill.

There are two primary airflow patterns. In a Cross Move cooling tower, the recent water flows by gravity down by way of the fill pack and the air travels at close to a proper angle throughout the course of water circulate. In a counter circulate cooling tower the water flows by gravity down by way of the fill pack, whereas the air flows vertically up by the fill pack in the opposite or counter course to the water circulation.

In most tower functions, recent “Make-up Water” should be added into the system to change the evaporation loss. Further make-up will be needed as a part of the water remedy process and to account of drift or splash from which will happen throughout operation.

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