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what is a counter flow cooling tower?

Counter flow cooling tower is the water flow in the tower vertical drop, the direction of air flow and water flow in the opposite direction of the cooling tower

The feature of counter flow cooling tower tower 

1, the water in the tower packing, the water from top to bottom, air bottom-up, the two flow to the opposite a cooling tower.

2, counter-current cooling tower thermal performance is good, divided into three cooling section:
① water distributor to fill the top of this space, this section of the water temperature is high, so the heat can still be passed to the air.
② filler water and air heat exchange section.
③ fill to the pool water leaching section, the water is cooled in this paragraph is called “tail effect.” Water temperature in northern China can drop 1-2 ℃. In summary, the counter-current tower compared with  the cross-flow tower in the same circumstances, the filler volume of about 20% smaller, counter-current tower heat exchange process more reasonable cold high efficiency.

3, water distribution system is not easy to plug, leaching filler to keep clean not aging, moisture backflow small, anti-freeze ice measures more easily. More than one can be combined design, the winter with the required water temperature and water can be combined to run a single or all fans.

 4, construction and installation of easy maintenance, low cost, commonly used in air conditioning and industrial large and medium-sized cooling circulating water.

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