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What is A cross flow cooling tower?

Cross-flow cooling tower is a water tower from the top of the vertical fall, the horizontal flow through the water filling, air flow and water flow orthogonal cooling tower.

The feature of cross flow cooling tower?

1. Water in the tower packing, the water from top to bottom, the air from the tower outside the horizontal flow of both vertical and horizontal flow of a cooling tower. Commonly used in the noise requirements of the residential area is the air conditioning sector to use more cooling cycle tower. Advantages: energy saving, low water pressure, wind resistance is small, low-speed motor is also configured, no dripping noise and wind noise, packing and water distribution system easy to repair.
2. with the shape of the building can be free to build more than one basis, according to the required water temperature were started single or multiple cooling towers.
3.it should be noted that: 40% more heat exchange frame to have more filler volume, easy to aging filler, water distribution hole easy to plug, anti-icing is not good, moisture reflux. The advantages of cross-flow tower is the drawback of counter-current tower.

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