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what is plastic pp pall ring?

PP pall ring is a new type of filler.It is for the Rasi ring some of the major shortcomings to be improved, is in the ordinary Laxi ring wall opened eight rectangular small window, small window leaves in the center of the ring ride.The upper and lower layers of the window position from each other. The main difference between it and the Lacy ring packing is that there are rectangular openings in the side walls, and the window leaves are bent into the ring, and the distribution of the gas and the liquid is larger than that of the Lacy ring , Especially the inner surface area of the ring can be fully utilized.

Pall ring packing has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and high operational flexibility. Under the same pressure drop, the treatment capacity can be more than 50% of the Laxi ring. In the same amount of treatment, the buck can be reduced by half, mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with the Rasi ring, this kind of packing has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance and high operational flexibility. In the general case, the same pressure drop is 50% -100% of the ratio. West ring 50% -70%, the tower also has a high blood pressure, the use of Pall ring can be more than Lacey ring about 20% -40% filler volume

plastic pp ball ring  of application:
 Applicable to carbon dioxide degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower as contact filler and other reaction towerSuitable for carbon dioxide degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower as contact filling and other reaction tower

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