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What is the Difference Between The Chilled Water And The Cooling Water?

File:RatcliffePowerPlantBlackAndWhite.jpgHi, Cooling water is water usually at ambient temperatures arriving from Cooling towers , for e.g in Indian temperatures it will possibly range wherever between 27-34 deg c but chilled water is specifically designed in response to the method , from refrigeration units and are more advanced than a cooling tower operation and a costly technology, chilled water could be made via refrigeration items , vapor compression or vapor absorption items or vaporisation coolers and they can range from thirteen-18 deg c in keeping with your process.

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Just to offer an instance , In Air separation units, before feeding the compressed air ( temp>80 degc) into an adsorption unit, we have to cool the air . The adsorption course of is mostly physisorption or physical adsorption and therefore will be carried out on low temperature conditions solely. In the event you cool the air only by means of Cooling water , you will at most , at essentially the most supreme circumstances, get the air outlet temperature the identical as cooling water temperature. However since we want additional lower temperatures we
use chilled water. Then you will get air outlet , someplace close to the chilled water temp and it will sufficient to feed into the adsorption unit.

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