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Application of Setting Tube Module (Tube Settler)

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In the waste water treatment, the inclined pipe grit chamber is to change the flow state of the sewage by the function of the  Setting Tube Module , to reduce the flow velocity, to remove the large particle and large density suspended pollutant by gravity, so as to reduce the water treatment process medicine Consumption, to ensure the effect of continuous process to achieve the initial purification of sewage function.

Slope tube sedimentation tank works: the reaction tank effluent through the perforated wall of water into the sedimentation tank evenly, and then flows through the inclined tube, the formation of mud and water separation, mud slide to set mud tank, water flow to double valve filter.

When discharging sand, use one row of sand-discharging pipe every time. Two people should be needed to operate. One person should open and close the valve through low-voltage switchboard in the old water workshop. One person needs to observe whether the sand is on the spot. normal.

Inclined tube packing it can use 10-15 years, the shape of the hexagonal honeycomb, inscribed circle diameter of 35cm, inclined tube installation angle and the horizontal angle of 60 degrees.


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