» » » blue cooling tower Drift Eliminators for thermal power plant

blue cooling tower Drift Eliminators for thermal power plant

cooling tower drift eliminator  is a device to reduce a large number of small water droplet drifts in the hot and humid air discharged from the cooling tower, to avoid water mist pollution and freezing of the surrounding environment, and to save water and protect the environment.

160-45 type blue cooling tower drift eliminator   positive peak water receiver:

160-45 high-efficiency low-resistance reinforced arc water receiver, the water receiver sheet adopts FRP material or PVC material extrusion molding, adding imported carbon black as additive in the water receiver sheet, greatly improving the anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging performance of the sheet. The water collector has the advantages of high water collecting efficiency, low air resistance, high intensity, no deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life and good flame retardant. The test of sj160-45 stiffened arc water receiver shows that the water collecting efficiency of this water receiver can reach less than 0.001% according to the circulating water amount, which is only 10% of the allowable value of national standard, and reaches the advanced level of similar foreign products. At the wind speed of 2.8m/s, the loss of ventilation resistance is about 0.8mmh2o, which is lower than that of foreign products. Due to its extrusion forming and 0.6mm thickness, it has high strength, good overall rigidity and long service life.

The water receiver has been widely used in mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation cooling tower in domestic thermal power plant, steel works, petrochemical plant and other industrial departments


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