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Cooling Tower Fill Function

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The role of filler in the cooling tower is to increase the heat, extend the cooling water residence time, increase the heat transfer area, increase the heat transfer. Uniform distribution of water. Not to be something to be cooled into the tower. A cooling tower is a device that cools a hot fluid, including water, to a reasonable temperature. Industrial production or refrigeration technology in the process of waste heat, generally use the cooling water to guide away. The role of the cooling tower is to carry the waste heat of cooling water in the tower and the air heat exchange, the waste heat to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere. Cooling Tower Applications: air conditioning cooling systems, refrigeration series, electric furnace, injection molding, leather, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields

The feature of cooling tower water fill 

  •  adsorption capacity

Containing activated carbon, the organic matter in the sewage has a strong adsorption capacity, and has a porous, so that the filter has an increased surface area and other technical effects.

  • oil resistance, drug resistance

Material stability, acid, alkali, anti-aging, the service life of 15 years, long-term without replacement, the product resistant to biodegradation

  • light, floating

Extremely light weight, the proportion of water 1/33 (30kg /?), With impact resistance, high toughness and floating properties.

  •  environmental protection

Production does not use freon as a blowing agent, combustion will not produce toxic and harmful gases, is an environmentally friendly material.

  • long life

It can be recycled for more than 15 years without replacing the filler, a significant saving of water purification equipment operating costs.

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