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Cooling Tower Float Valves

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The cooling tower float valve is used for automatic replenishment system, it is a very simple and effective automatic replenishment device. The principle of floating ball valve is very simple, hollow or foam float with the liquid level up and down, float up and down through the connecting rod to force the body. When the liquid level is high, the float rises, the valve body is squeezed, and the drain is closed. When the liquid level drops, the valve body drain opening, carries on the automatic replenishment.

Item: cooling tower  float valve

Material: CF8M/316,CF8/304, plastic,brass
Size: 1/2″~4″(DN15~DN100)
end:thread end 
Thread end: ASME B1.20.1, BS21(NPT), BSP, BSPP, DIN259/2999, ISO228/1, ISO7/1
Work pressure: 0.05Mpa~1Mpa
Test and inspection: API 598
Suitable medium: Frash water, oil,and some corrosive liquids

work temperature:less 100 degree

stainless steel float valves


plastic cooling tower float valves


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