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Cooling Tower Installation

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Cooling tower installation is a very complex process, the installation time, be sure to follow the drawings and instructions for installation.be sure to ensure the safety of workers

Jiangxi Fengcheng of China Power Plant Phase III project under construction accidents. A cooling tower construction bridge collapse,Resulting in cross-concrete channel collapse. When an accident occurs,Works are in the transfer of night shift and early shift. As of yesterday 22, confirmed the accident site 74 people were killed,2 people were injured. Confirm the identity of the remains, the family reception and placement work is in progress Accident cooling tower design total height of 165 meters, in April 2016 to start construction,The incident has been completed more than 70 meters. The scene photos show that the construction of level bridge hanging collapsed on the ground, reinforced twisted together. Overlooking from a height, tower damage in serious condition. Site rescue workers with hydraulic shear and other tools,Cut the tangled together the steel, cleaning up the scene, search and rescue workers were pressed.


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