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Cooling Tower PVC Plastic Thin Sheets Fill Pack

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The efficiency of a cooling tower depends upon cooling tower pvc plastic thin sheet fill pack , the fill is made of rigid PVC or PP film of flame retardant quality with high heat exchange efficiency. 

The high efficiency fill reduces the motor input HP and assures uniform distribution of water, with minimum resistance to air flow.Below roll fillings is applied to kingsun brand counter flow round type & square type cooling towers, block/sheet fillings is applied to cross flow square type cooling towers.

The feature of cooling tower pvc thin sheet 

  • Square pvc cooling tower fills using high quality PVC with 43% oxygen index.
  • The heat sinks is designed by 20mm high special inclined ladder splash wave shape.
  • The area of single-chip heat sinks growth rate could reach above 200%.
  • The range of bearing temperature is -35°C~60°C.
  • Under pumping pressure:3.0KN/M
  • Volume aproll coefficient:25000

pvc fill for cooling tower

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