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Cooling Tower PVC Sheet

The specification of cooling tower PVC sheet

 Material: PVC, PP

 Dimension: 300 mm*1200 mm, 300 mm*1000 mm, 300 mm*1500 mm, 300 mm*1800 mm 

Thickness: 0.27-0.5 mm 

Wave Depth: 12 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm 

Application for Kingsun cooling tower,  Liangchi cooling tower fill , other brand cooling tower

 The following cooling tower PVC sheet picture is 300 mm*1200 mm, flute size: 12 mm 3001200mm hot sale PVC cooling tower fill, pvc film fills 

Flute size: 19 mm, dimension 305 mm*1200 mm, 610 mm*1200 mm pvc film fill

PP cooling tower sheetOblique Wave filling, Kingsun cooling tower fills manufacture 3001200mm cooling tower pp fill 

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