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Cooling Tower Replacement Drift Eliminator

When it comes to efficient cooling tower operation, drift eliminators are a vital part of maintaining a highly efficient cooling tower. To minimize the loss of water from drift, any water droplets that escape into the cooling tower discharge air, drift eliminators are employed in all types of cooling towers. Typically drift eliminators provide multi directional changes of airflow, and a well designed eliminator will greatly reduce water loss.

cooling tower replacement drift eliminator

High Efficiency drift eliminators can be supplied in blocks for cutting to size on site or can be supplied pre-cut to suit most types or make of fill packs, whether counterflow or cross flow. These are usually constructed from PVC to eliminate corrosion and to reduce build up of scale. High water temperature options are also available.

High efficiency eliminators are rated to reduce drift loss to the practical minimum to ensure compliance, with Health and Safety Commission Guidelines

The picture of cooling tower replacement drift eliminator

cooling tower drift eliminator

replacement drift eliminator

water drift eliminator

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