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Cooling Tower RT PVC Fill Sheet

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Zaoqiang Longtime is a profession cooling tower PVC fill manufacture with many years experience. we can OEM as the customer sample.

The feature of cooling tower RT cross flow fill

1. Greater cooling capacity in a given space
2. Low-clog designs available
3. Available in bottom supported or hanging designs
4. FM approval available
5. Crossflow and counterflow designs
6. Integral louvers and eliminators available in crossflow design.
7. High-temperature designs available
8. Single-piece, full-height counterflow designs available

Cooling tower RT PVC fill sheet is used for cross flow cooling tower.  The high is 886 mm and 915 mm. the wide is 1060 mm. The color is grey.


The mold for cooling tower PVC sheet 


If you have any question, feel free to contact me, My email: ann@longtimefrp.com

cooling tower RT pvc fill

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