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Aluminium Alloy Liang Chi Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head

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Cooling tower sprinkler head used in round cooling tower, Liang chi  round cooling tower rotating sprinkler head is the important part in cooling tower. The cooling water through the inlet pipe and sprinkler head then flow into the water distributor. Through the spray orifice in water distributor, sprinkled on the cooling tower filler. The role is to uniform distribution of the water to the cooling tower filler, increase water contact area, make the water evaporation, take away heat, cooling effect. The material of the sprinkler head: ABS, Nylon, Nylon copper and Aluminum and so on, it’s suitable for all kinds of water cooling tower.

Aluminum alloy cooling tower sprinkler head 

alumium alloy cooling tower sprinkler

ABS cooling tower sprinkler head 

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