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Cooling Tower Sprinkler Pipe

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cooling tower sprinkler  water pipe, also called water distributor, is a counter flow  circular cooling tower above the cloth used water structure, it is linked with the water rotor head, the water distributor of the water through the sprinkler, evenly spilled in Filler, in the follow-up rotating head constantly circulating water circulation


The tech data as following:

Item Dimension
8T-10T 32CM*4
8T-10T 39CM*4
15T-20T 44CM*4
15T-20T 55CM*4
25T 1.5’*52*4
30T-40T 1.5’*63*4
50T 1.5’*75*4
60T-80T 1.5”*85*6
100T 1.5”*118*6
100T 2.5”*118*4
150T 3”*118*4


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