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Cooling Tower Type

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The cooling tower is one of the core equipment in the open cycle cooling water system, which is used to cool the hot water discharged from the heat exchanger.

Different cooling tower have different cooling tower type

According to the ventilation mode:

  •  natural ventilation cooling tower
  • mechanical ventilation cooling tower  
  • mixed ventilation cooling tower

By water and air contact points: 

  • wet cooling tower 
  • dry cooling tower
  • wet and dry cooling tower.

According to the flow direction of hot water and air points  

  • counter-flow cooling tower
  • cross flow (direct exchange) type cooling tower 
  • Francis cooling tower

By application areas

  • industrial cooling towers
  • air-conditioning cooling towers.

According to the noise level

  • ordinary cooling tower
  • low noise cooling tower
  • ultra-low noise cooling tower 
  • ultra-quiet cooling tower.

According to the shape points

  • circular cooling tower
  • square cooling tower.

Press the water and air are in direct contact points

  • open cooling tower
  • closed cooling tower (also known as closed cooling tower, closed cooling tower).

Other cooling tower type, such as jet cooling tower, no fan cooling towers.


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