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Cooling Tower Working Priciple

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Cooling tower structure: the cooling water at the top of the tower through the pipe down spray, the other tower wall with a hair dryer, the air blowing, and the top of a large exhaust fan, the air out of the top of the tower, which will help flow, accelerate Water cooling. In the top and bottom of the spray pipe has a hollow PVC glue to do the heat plate separated to increase the cooling time of water droplets. The design is such that the shape should be a hyperbolic shape that facilitates convective heat transfer between water and air

Cooling tower is the use of water and air contact, through the evaporation to disperse the industrial or refrigeration air conditioning waste heat generated in a device. The cooling tower working basic principle is: dry low enthalpy air through the fan after the twitch, from the air inlet into the cooling tower; saturated steam partial pressure of high-temperature water molecules to the low pressure air flow, high moisture enthalpy of water from the air Water system spilled into the tower. When the water droplets and air contact, on the one hand due to the direct heat transfer between air and water, on the other hand due to the water vapor surface and the pressure difference between the air pressure generated under the action of evaporation, to take the latent heat of evaporation, The water heat away that evaporative heat transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling


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