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Double-Ring Packing Combined Filter for Water Treatment

 double-ring packing Combined filter is a kind of filler which is improved on the basis of soft packing, composed of fiber bundle, plastic ring piece, sleeve and center rope.Under the support of the middle plastic ring piece, the fiber bundle avoids the central agglomeration And it can play a good role in the distribution of water, gas distribution, contact mass transfer conditions, and high oxygen utilization.Applies to a variety of sewage, wastewater treatment project supporting the contact oxidation wall, oxidation tank, oxidation tank And other equipment.Combined packing combination of soft and semi-soft packing filler to overcome the shortcomings of the two, in the sewage biochemical treatment process for the ideal product. It is a plastic ring for the skeleton, loaded with vinylon, vinylon wire fastened to the plastic ring, in the sewage in the tow evenly distributed, easy to film, for film, and the adaptability of the sewage dope. Its structure is the plastic circle into a large double-ring plastic ring, the aldehyde fiber or polyester wire pressure ring in the ring, the fiber bundle evenly distributed; inner circle is a snowflake-like plastic branches, both film , But also effectively cut bubbles, improve oxygen transfer rate and utilization. So that water and biofilm are fully exchange, so that the organic matter in the water to be efficient treatment. Combination of filler in the strong aeration turbulent water flow in the case of the ideal choice of filler


It is a kind of biological carrier for biological contact oxidation and anaerobic fermentation for waste water treatment, wastewater treatment, contact oxidation tower and oxidation tank oxidation tank. Widely used in printing and dyeing, silk wool, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper, cyanide and other waste water treatment

The specification of  double-ring packing Combined filter 

Item Unit Weight(kg/m3) film forming weight(kg/m3) Specific surface area
Φ150×80 2.8 80 350
Φ150×100 2.6 75 310
Φ160×80 2.6 78 330
Φ160×100 2.5 73 300
Φ180×80 2.5 75 320
Φ180×100 2.3 72 295
Φ200×80 2.3 75 315
Φ200×100 2.1 72 285


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