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EAC Cooling Tower Evaporative Condensers Nozzle

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Maximum Water Distribution EAC cooling tower 360tm Spray Nozzle Characteristics:

Standard on all EAC Coil
Products :
Reduce maintenance costs and ensure
efficient equipment operation with EAC’s
non-clog nozzle !
The EAC 360TM Spray Nozzle “scatter diffusion
technology” with EAC’s largest nozzle orifice yet,
to create the most technologically advanced
spray nozzle in the industry!

cooling tower nozzle
cooling tower spary nozzle

Features and Benefits of EAC 360tm spray nozzle
Ease of Maintenance
– Easy snap in/out grommet design
– Large non-clog orifice
Robust, durable construction
Universal alignment
Anti-scale design
No moving parts
Eliminates dry spots inherent in other designs
EAC 360TM Spray Nozzle can easily replace
nozzles in existing EAC units and other
manufacturers’ units too !

EAC nozzle Benefits:

Secured in grommetsfor easy removal and replacement.

Patented and lab tested EAC design, preventing scale build-up that reduces the unit capacity.

Large orifice 360° umbrella pattern spray, eliminating dry spots.

Non-clogging design.

For all system flow rates.

For pressurized or gravity distribution system.

evaporative condensers spray nozzle Caution tip

When cleaning nozzles do not use a screwdriver or other instrument to force debris through the nozzle. The bottom of the nozzle is a target area that diffuses the water over the fill or coil in an umbrella type pattern. If the target area is broken, the water will pour straight onto the coil-fill surface, possibly causing damage to the fill and/or dry spots on the coil. In addition, the debris can now possibly begin to clog the fill.

360 nozzles/EAC spray nozzles pictures:
spray nozzle

spray nozzle

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