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Elastic Filler for Water Treatment

The elastic filler is based on soft and semi-soft filler filler to form, it has the advantages of both. Its structure is the plastic disc ring press changed to plastic ring, the aldehyde-based fiber or polyester yarn pressure in the ring, make fibers uniform distribution; inner ring is a snowflake plastic branches, can hang membrane, and can effectively cutting bubbles, improve the oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate. Make water biofilms fully exchange, efficient processing of the organic matter to receive


septic tank filler

elastic filler application

For sewage and waste water treatment engineering, supporting tower in the contact oxidation, septic tank, oxidation ponds oxidation tank and other equipment, is a biological carrier for biological contact oxidation and anaerobic fermentation wastewater.

Elastic filler for anaerobic, oxygen-compatible and aerobic processing

fill for oxidation ponds oxidation tank

Sepcification  diameter120mm,150mm,180mm,200mm

oxidation ponds oxidation tank fliter

wasterwater fill

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