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Evaporative Honeycomb Cooling Pad

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evaporative honeycomb cooling pad used for Poultry and livestock,Greenhouse and horticulture and Industrial cooling

The feature of plastic cooling pad

  • The cooling pad piece has the mesh hole, the bottom of the water tank has a plurality of drip holes; the upper cover is covered with the water tank
  • A drain hole is provided in the bottom groove to collect water leached from the water curtain sheet to increase the water utilization ratio
  • cooling pad  with plastic material, mesh for the hexagonal honeycomb mesh, before and after the mesh between the hole, the pore wall with a permeable hole, the structure of the water curtain film to facilitate ventilation and water penetration, the plastic material of cooling pad  anti-mildew, durable and can be cleaned, greatly reducing the use of cost and improve the long-term use of results

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