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Fiberglass FRP Hexagonal Tube for ESP Precipitators Incorporate

Fiberglass  frp hexagonal tube for Wet electrostatic precepitators (or WESPs) is also called mist eliminator, can be used downstream for saturated flue gas to remove particulate material. Dust separation by means of electrical charging between the discharge electrodes and the earthed collecting electrodes, designed in tubes, honeycomb tubes and plates. The particle collection efficiency is more than 99.97 % and the gas velocity of 0.5 to 3.0 m/s.


Currently in the process of flue gas island, wet desulphurization after not to control the desulfurization process of fine particulate matter, and the smoke and PM2.5, SO3, mercury and heavy metals and other contaminants directly out of the chimney, in a state of free and open.After wet desulphurization device, therefore, need to have a control device, wet electrostatic dust removal (fog), glass fiber reinforced plastic anode tube is the best choice.

The tech data of

The removal rate of SO3 (after desulfurization flue gas) by more than 95%.
Fine dust removal rate (after desulfurization of flue gas) by more than 95%, is 98.2% for PM2.5 desulfurization rate, droplet removal rate (mechanical) after the mist flue gas is more than 95%.
Mercury removal rate of heavy metals such as 70 ~ 90%.
Export plume salinger blackness is less than level 1.
Ammonia escape < 10 mg/Nm3.
SO3 and water mist removal in great quantities, can effectively reduce the chimney anti-corrosion class.
Can meet the higher requirements of environmental protection, export dust content < 10 mg/Nm3.
Reduce water consumption, lower operation cost.


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