» » » Filter Media Bio Plastic Balls, Isolation Float Ball

Filter Media Bio Plastic Balls, Isolation Float Ball

The ball surface coverage from polypropylene (PP) plastic material, the product comes in two models: I foamed float type, II type foamed solid core balls (energy saving ball).

Filter media bio plastic balls

Isolation Float ball

isolation float ball  mainly used for ball covers over the upper level role. Such as: a storage tank for pH, acid gases can prevent spills, evaporation, reduce pollution and acid gases of the external environment, and the role of conservation acid-base materials; for the desalination of water, air, and water isolation can reduce air the CO2, O2 and dust and other impurities desalted water pollution and ensure water quality.
Suitable for a variety of horizontal acid storage tanks, water treatment condensate storage tanks, demineralized water tank, a large degree of reduction of acid mist in the air of carbon dioxide and oxygen in water pollution, protect water quality, energy conservation, clean environment effect.

bio plastic balls


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