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Grid Cooling Tower Fill for Sewage Water

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Grid cooling tower fill according to the different liquid medium (solution viscosity and suspended solids content), determine the different flow specification, so as to make the gas and liquid phase within the packing layer, can be ordered and uniform distribution.At the same time solve the deposition on the surface of the solid content in the filler, with physical method relieves the filler plug phenomenon.

Characteristic of grid cooling tower fill

Grid cooling tower fill – economical and durable, superior quality

Cooling water is in the combination of the filler drip cooling and film cooling scattered efficiently, especially in the turbid circulating water status effect is a plus, with a small gravity, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, structural stability and smooth, easy installation, maintenance in production in regularly with high pressure water rinse on attachments fil

Grid cooling tower fil

The grid padding produced by our company, applying novel engineering plastics (novel PP-reinforced polypropylene) as raw materials, is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, antioxidative, stable (not easily eact with chemical, such as catalyst in the coolant), tough and is of long service life.

The specification of cooling tower fill

1)Material:pvc, pp,
2)Usage:cooling tower,water treatment




cooling tower filter




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