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How to Antifreeze for Cooling Tower

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1, if the winter operation and the flow rate is not large cooling tower, if the premise can be designed to the cooling tower below the design of the pool or water tank, cooling tower return water can be directly into the tank or pool, cooling tower to reduce the possibility of cracking the tank itself; FRP Cooling Tower Pipeline insulation treatment, if the cooling tower in the northeast or other colder places, the pipeline is longer and interrupt the operation is bound to increase in the pipeline heat tracing;
2, the cooling tower water tank to increase the electric heater, and set the temperature control measures, set the heater start and stop; if the cooling tower packing, windshield surrounding ice may need to make the fan reverse, the premise agreed to additional steam pipe schedule ice;

3, if the counter-current circular cooling tower, the winter operation can be the end of the water distribution pipe or the surrounding nozzle blockage, as far as possible to avoid the reincarnation of water splash; cross-flow cooling tower and filler comes with honeycomb, regular exchange of increased flow, the filler surface The ice in the tuyere melts


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