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How to Install the Cooling Tower ?

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How to cooling tower install?

First, environmental 
1, should be avoided in the waterproof channel, easy to reflect the volume of the wall, should be installed on the roof or air circulation.
2, two or more cooling tower and use, should pay attention to the tower spacing.
3, should not be installed in the four sides of a wall or airtight place, and should pay attention to the tower and the external wall spacing.
4, should avoid the installation of soot and dust more places to prevent the above block film.
5, should be far away from the kitchen and boiler room until the hotter areas

Second, installation
1, the basis of the level should not be tilted, the cooling tower centerline perpendicular to the non-planar, or less than the impact of motor work.
2, for more than 175T cooling out of the water pipe should be coordinated support.
3, when two or more dishes with water pumps, should not be added between a basin of balanced water.
4, loop access to water connection, preferably shock absorber throat connection.
5, cooling tower fan blades and the tower wall should be consistent with the gap, and never allow too much difference between the two sides of the Mito side of the gap found in time to solve the problem.
6, motor and reducer to the regular prosecutors repair, reducer should check the oil level.

Third, start the inspection
1, all the screws are tight inside the tower whether there is debris.
2, the fan and water system rotation is smooth.
3, check the power and motor voltage is consistent.
4, belt assembly is installed correctly.
5, open the water valve and water pipes will be completely filled, the water level is lower than the full water throat 25MM.
6, start, first in the water pump, after the fan, check the wind direction, and air volume, timely adjustment until the required date.
7, stop, stop the fan after the first stop pump.


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