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How to Cooling Tower Maintenance?

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How to cooling tower maintenance?

1, check the replenishment system, including valves and floating group, if damaged, then replaced, the location does not adjust.
2, check the fan blade angle balance, surface quality, whether the wind turbine shell appearance of corrosion and embrittlement.
3, check and correct improper transmission noise and abnormal vibration, if necessary, the cooling tower bearings and transmission components, add butter and replace the bearings, carefully observe the oil level and oil color. If damaged, replace the new parts.
4, check the outer plate and louver plate surface without residual marks, deformation and corrosion,If there is fouling must be removed in a timely, to prevent clogging, the cooling tower fill  need to clean, the used cycle is not more than one year
5, check the bulk of the scattered water tank is blocked plug fouling, packing surface scale and residue and filler deformation, if any problems in a timely manner;
6, check the operation of transmission parts, adjust the belt tension, if any problems in a timely manner;
7, check the pipeline and transmission parts paint, if any problems in a timely manner


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