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How to Reduce Noise of Cooling Tower

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Cooling tower of the four major noise sources:
1, windmill noise: the noise is mainly composed of mechanical noise and fluid noise;
2, motor noise: the main motor running electromagnetic noise;
3, the noise of water droplets: the cooling tower in the process of running sprinkler spray to fill the water falling into the bottom basin;
4, ventilation noise: the main body of the tower inside and outside the body of air and noise and tower resonance noise

how to reduce noise of cooling tower

If the cooling tower design in the outdoors, then the above is the main method of noise reduction, if the cooling tower design in the room, you can on the noise, noise reduction, increase the noise cotton, replace the low speed fan and other methods, Interior design Soundproofing. Designed in the room, you can use the noise coating.
Cooling tower in the design of noise reduction process, cooling towers to consider the cooling ventilation, the design of noise barriers, noise cotton can not affect the cooling tower ventilation. Cooling tower water spray sound of the main transmission is the fan through the fan to spread, cross-flow cooling tower is only one side of the air inlet, counterflow cooling tower around the bottom of the inlet grille will have, pouring sound and air inlet The formation of convection, will reduce the spread of noise

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