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Industrial PVC Cooling Tower Infill Pack

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Industrial pvc cooling tower infill pack  single-plate surface up and down into a convex-shaped S-shaped trapezoidal wave to bond adhesive bonding assembly, monolithic length 500 ~ 5000mm, width 500 ~ 1000mm, thickness 0.40 ± 0.05mm

Packing in use need to pay attention to the following points

  •  the monolithic and monolithic waveform must be in the form of oblique staggered, so as to have good thermal resistance;
  •  rectangular packing packing unit, the most suitable square tower with the circular cooling tower circumference Will form a gap, according to the size of the gap with a different number of single-chip filler;
  • Once the packing plug, easy to clean. Serious plugging, the need for overall replacement, will increase the cost


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