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Marley Cooling Tower Counter Flow Spray Nozzle

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Zaoqiang Longtime is a profroessional cooling tower spray nozzle manufacture. such as Marley cross flow target nozzle, Marley counter flow spray nozzle. nozzle for  cooling tower. Liangchi cooling tower spribkler nozzle…..

The specification of Marley counter flow spray nozzle

Name  Marley counter flow spray nozzle
Material PP
Application Marley cooling tower 
Brand Name Longtime
Place of origin China
Packing carton
Delivery time With in 7 days
Payment TT

One set of Marley conter flow cooling nozzle include two piece of counter flow nozzle and one pipe. the picture is as following



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If you have any question about Marley counter flow cooling tower nozzle, My email: ann@longtimefrp.com

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