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Micro Eddy Flocculation Tank Packing

Micro eddy  flocculation tank packing is a kind of hollow sphere which is used to flocculate the water in the process of flocculation reaction to form micro-vortex and enhance flocculation effect. It consists of two identical hemispheres Shaped case is formed by fastening a claw hand and a reinforcing rib of the maximum tangential edge. The hemispherical shell is formed by connecting warp and weft ribs to each other, and warp and weft tendons are formed to form a through hole to provide a water flow passage. As the water flows through the utility model twice in a short period of time through the cutting, disturbance, so the relative plane grid spoiler, it produces a large number of micro-vortex flow rate required can be reduced, so you can shorten the water And the effective volume of the flocculation tank or the flocculator can be reduced, and the flocculation effect can be obtained. Meanwhile, the utility model is convenient to use and the flocculation tank or the flocculation tank structure is increased by overcoming the need of the fixing device or the fixing measure Complexity of the shortcomings. Widely used in iron and steel, water, medicine and chemical industry, biological pharmaceuticals, textile printing and dyeing.

Spefication of Micro eddy  flocculation tank packing

Micro-eddy current flocculator: diameter Φ200, 135 / m3, the surface opening> Φ30, opening rate> 60%
Flocculation time: 5 ~ 8min for micro-polluted water, low temperature and low turbidity and sewage treatment can be extended; empty bed flow rate: 60 ~ 360m / h, front should take a larger value, the latter should take a smaller value;
Head loss: 0.01 ~ 0.02m / m

Micro eddy flocculation tank packing

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