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Plastic Cooling Pad for Poultry Farm

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Plastic cooling pad is perfect choice for greenhouse ventilation or cooling.It’s made from special paper with honeycomb structure that says large evaporation area to effect instant drying, high hygroscopicity, the cooling efficiency can be as high as 80%. And more, the raw materials without phenol which is irritant to skin. Different colors and optional dimensions to meet different demand in the world.


  • Poultry and animal husbandry: chicken farms, pig farms, cattle, livestock and poultry breeding.
  • Greenhouse and horticulture industry: vegetable storage, seed house, flower cultivation, mushroom cultivation field.
  • Industrial cooling: factory cooling ventilation, industrial humidification, entertainment, pre-cooling, air handling units.

The specification of plastic cooling pad 

The dimension: 600mm*150mm 900mm*150mm 1200mm*150mm 1500mm*150mm 1800mm*150mm

Common dimension:  150mm*600mm*1500mm

plastic cooling pad for poultry farm

cooling pad

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