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Polyhedral Floating Water Ball for Waste Water Treatment

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Polyhedral floating water  ball  is no residual sludge Suspension type biological filler It is a plastic injection of two semi-circular fish-like spherical shape. Center placed plastic woven wire or small sponge. In the biochemical treatment of sewage with the whole three-dimensional structure, large surface area, direct delivery, no fixed, easy to hang film, not plug. All plastic structural unit packing with A / O, A2 / O hydrolysis – aerobic function, very little surplus sludge, long service life.

Widely used with domestic sewage, petrochemical, chemical paper, food industry, wine, sugar textile, printing and dyeing tanning pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and other industrial wastewater treatment

The feature of floating water ball 

This product is made of dilute ethylene material injection, inside and outside the double-layer ball outside the fish reticular sphere, the internal rotation of the sphere, in the course of microbial hanging film fast, easy to fall off biofilm, anti-acid, Free from the impact of water, long service life of biodegradable products, very little surplus sludge, easy to install.




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