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PP Plastic Heilex Ring for Air Purification

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Plastic heilex ring also call the crown-type raschig ring, Plastic heilex ring is polypropylene injection molding of a new hole filling, The unique shape of plastic Haier ring, it not only has a large flux, low pressure drop, corrosion resistance and good impact resistance, etc., but also has no nesting between the packing, wall flow effect and gas-liquid distribution uniformity. Plastic Haier ring for gas absorption, cooling and gas purification process.

Application: Plastic Haier ring packing used in gas absorption and acid gas absorption


The specification of plastic heilex ring

Specification Dimension
Surface area
Void space %

Bulk density
Φ50 50—50—1.5 107 94 61 8200
Φ76 76—76—1.8 75 95 56 3180
Φ100 100—100—2.0 55 96 48 1850


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