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PVC Cooling Tower Fill Sheet

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Zaoqiang Longtime is a PVC cooling tower fill sheet supplier many years, have many production line.3 molding working shop, 2 pultruded workshop,3 plastic blister workshop.to meet the requirements  of different customers. our pvc cooling tower fill sheet is molded.

Cooling tower in industrial production as the main core of circulating water cooling in China’s industrial production in China’s industrial production costs and efficiency. Cooling tower in the industrial production of improper use, will result in equipment cooling is not timely, production stagnation, water temperature is too high and so dangerous. Cooling tower packing is to promote the main factor of hydrothermal cycle, therefore, to select high-quality cooling tower packing



If you have any question for pvc cooling tower fill sheet , pls contact me. ann@longtimefrp.com

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