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PVC Fill for Marley NC Cooling Tower

1. Specification of ablibaba China Marley cooling tower fill price, PVC fill film media, PVC sheet product name: cooling tower fill, PVC filler for cooling tower 

1)Material: PVC, PP 

2)Usage: Marley cooling tower, Marley NC8411

3)Size: 915*1220 mm, 915*1854 mm, 915*any length, 1220*1854 mm, 1220*any length, 500*1000 mm, 610 mm 

4)Type: Marley cooling tower part
915 mm PVC fill for Marley NC cooling tower915 mm width PVC fill packing in Marley cooling tower, Inclination 5 Degree Cooling Tower Filling Material 

width 1220 mm PVC fill

  High quality classical PVC fill for Marley cooling tower fill, Industrial grade Cooling Tower Fill, Marley Cooling Tower fill 

1520 mm PVC fill

  Marley cooling tower pvc fill 

Marley cooling tower PP fill

  High quality 5001003mm Marley cooling tower fill, Marley Cooling Tower PVC Fill Packing, Cooling Tower Filler with Good price   

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