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Zaoqiang Longtime is cooling tower spare parts manufature from material to finish product. our material is pvc sheet and pp sheet.and our main product is pvc fill for different cooling tower.

pvc sheet


Pvc (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheet for cooling tower pvc fill, using good raw material, under high temperature, produce no-poisonous, tasteless, inclusion-free packaging sheet, contains to plasticizer composition, after inspection in according with the our country standard,.Have high transparency and high gloss, easy to machine shaping,has good strength and excellent secondary processing and other features.

We can offer to you thickness 0.2-1.0mm, Width<2000mm pvc sheet, and we can produce natural color transparency sheet, blue light transparency sheet, color sheet, gold and silver sheet and other sheet according to your requirements, or we can processing using your material.

Zaoqiang Longtime material is 100% new good pvc sheet to produce cooling tower fill . if choose the cheaper pvc sheet, It is  is recycled materials (acquisition of processed waste), this material looks: the first very rough, especially thick, hard, Tsui, no flexibility, the useful life of 2 – 3 Year, cooling effect is poor, often dregs into the pipeline. Water distribution is uneven, splashing rate is high. Easy to fire

If you have any question, feel free to contact me. My email is ann@longtimefrp.com



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