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Replacement of Cooling Tower Packing

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Replacement of cooling tower packing , It  need to remove waste cooling towers on the basis of the tower clean and clean, scientific laying of new packing in order. The replacement of old and new construction, generally follow the following steps:

1. the construction site before the protection of other equipment, the necessary isolation and listing. Lay the construction material cloth on the floor waterproof layer.

2. remove the old filler. Turn off the motor power, remove the cooling tower packing parts stretch, and then remove the old packing, clean up the tower of garbage, so clean on-site.
3. fill the new filler. Bonding cooling tower packing, and to ensure that the filler in the curing time of the adhesive space, to ensure that when the filler contact point in the same water level, to ensure that the pressure in the process of packing contact force evenly.
4.the tower cleaning. Clean the cooling tower internal dust and garbage, the packing in order to stack in the cooling tower, is strictly prohibited trampling, to ensure that each stack of each block of packing blocks to ensure that packing and corner, column weeks tight seamless, the difficulty of not more than 2mm interval . Restoration of cooling tower packing reinforcement.
5. the assembly block to be assembled up and down direction, the top layer to be leveled laying, layer cleaning, removal of debris.
6. installation, maintenance and other work required in the filler on the operation, must be carried out on the plate, is strictly prohibited stampede.
7.in the entire construction process, is strictly prohibited in the filler above the welding operation, if necessary, to take fire precautions.
8. the cooling tower packing replacement, tower maintenance and other processes are completed, with construction tools and auxiliary installation facilities, the project completed.


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