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Thermoforming PVC Fill Tower Cooling

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Thermoforning pvc fill tower cooling is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower. It is the major parts to improve the efficiency of cooling tower and make sure the economy and safe operation. With the development of the plastic industry, counter current tower drench water plastic packing “S” shape ladder wave, inclined corrugated fills, which has the heat dissipation, durable, good performance, ventilated small resistance, based on the easy and other advantages. It is widely used in different types of large, medium, small, cooling tower.

s wave cooling tower packing

1. Size: 1000*500 mm;500*800 mm;750 mm*1200 mm, 640 mm*1200 mm, customize

2. Thickness: 0.2~0.4 mm

3.Material: PP,PVC

4. Applicable Temperature: 65°C~-35°C, 80°C-35°C
5. Color: Blue, black, green etc
6. Shaping mode: Compression molding

7. Cooling Tower type: Counter flow

thermoforming pvc fill tower cooling

S wave cooling tower fill

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