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Three Splash Orchid Cooling Tower Nozzle

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Orchid Cooling tower nozzle is a three-splash nozzle. (DN43, DN48, DN60 three kinds of specifications to choose from) bottle-shaped interface and tapered nozzle, in the lower part of the tapered nozzle is also followed by coaxial spacing set in order to become smaller outer diameter A large splash pan, a small splash pan and a tapered water head; and at least two connecting rods arranged in the circumferential direction are fixed on the socket type bottle-shaped interface, and on the large water splashing disk and the small splashing water disk A large water leakage hole and a small water leakage hole coaxial with the tapered nozzle and smaller in inner diameter than the inner diameter of the lower mouth of the tapered nozzle are respectively provided, wherein the large water splashing plate and the small water splashing disk are arc-faced upwardly Hemispherical, cone-shaped water head for the cone angle upward cone

This product is durable, high temperature, corrosion resistance, long life, and now a wide range of industrial cooling towers, circular(round) cooling tower.



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