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Tube Settler Working Principle

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Working principle of the inclined tube settler, reaction tank water through the perforated wall cloth evenly water into the tank, and then flows through the inclined tube and form a spate separation, sediment slide to the mud tank, set clear water flow to the double valve filter.

Mud, sand can not be carried out when the normal situation may be the following: 1. High-pressure water pressure, can not open the angle valve, high-pressure water pressure should be greater than 0.16kpa. Open observation of high-pressure water flow, if less pressure is insufficient. 2. Pipe or block the mud block. At this point should be followed by high-pressure water mains valve and the corresponding pipe high-pressure water valve, recoil after 2-3 minutes off, you can hear a larger water flow off the pipeline has been clear. 3. Angle valve failure: repair to the technical office.


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