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Water Siphon Air Conditioning Atomizing Nozzle

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Water Siphon Air Conditioning Atomizing Nozzle is able to produce a hollow conical spray shape, spray angle of up to 140 °.

L-shaped hollow cone-shaped nozzle injection area into a ring, in a wide range of flow rate and pressure generated uniform distribution, the droplet size is small to medium spray, even if it is under low pressure conditions, the liquid can also be a good fog This is especially true in applications where shock is required to heat exchange or to require effective suspension of suspended particles. L-shaped hollow cone-shaped nozzle has a unique flow chamber structure, its large and smooth flow channel, can reduce or eliminate the blocking phenomenon.

L-type hollow cone nozzle work resistance, low energy consumption, is a highly efficient energy-saving nozzle products. Particularly suitable for the requirements of the parts surface cleaning applications. L-type nozzle using engineering plastics ABS, polyethylene, brass and other materials, high hardness and toughness, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. The operating temperature range of -30 ℃ -120 ℃, can withstand a higher working pressure of 4 bar. L-type nozzles are widely used in central air-conditioning, textile, chemical, metallurgy, construction and other industries



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