» » Width 50 mm Liang chi Cooling Tower Mist Eliminator

Width 50 mm Liang chi Cooling Tower Mist Eliminator

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Liang chi cooling tower mist eliminator  is mainly applied to large and medium-sized natural ventilation cooling towers and mechanical ventilation cooling tower. It can reduce the cooling tower to take out the hot and humid air entrained with a large number of small water droplets drift, to avoid pollution of the surrounding environment. It was determined that the water mist escape rate (ie, wind loss) was reduced to 0.05% by 0.1% (the circulating water amount) when the cooler was not installed, but the temperature of the coolant Significantly.

Opportunity cooling tower supercharger close to the wind speed of 3.0 m / s or less, the general equipment together, when the ultra-near wind speed is greater than 3.2 m / s, should consider setting the second-class work in addition to the water separator


The specification of Liang chi cooling tower drift eliminator 

Item Liang chi cooling tower drift eliminator
Width 50mm
Length any 
Height any 
Color black,grey
MOQ 50pcs


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